Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gospel Contradictions Answered: Part 2

We've all heard that Matthew was not written chronologically, but thematically - But what does that really mean?!?! I never really thought about it until I saw that Matthew's account, in parallel to the other Gospels, goes something like

ch 1 --> 2-->3-->14-->3-->4-->13-->4-->8-->4

O_o Confused? Yea, me too... However you have to see how Matthew is really organized:

For all of you with a MacArthur Study Bible (or any study Bible), if you're like me than you've never bothered to look at the "outline" part before each chapter. In this case, however, it is extremely helpful (adopted from The Macarthur Study Bible):

1. The King's Advent (The prologue)
a. His Birth
b. His Entry into Public Ministry

2. The King's Authority
a. Discourse 1
b. Narrative 1

3. The King's Agenda
a. Discourse 2
b. Narrative 2

4. The King's Adversaries
a. Discourse 3
b. Narrative 3

5. The King's Administration
a. Discourse 4
b. Narrative 4

6. The King's Atonement
a. Discourse 5
b. Narrative 5

7. The King's Assignment (The Epilogue)
a. Matthew 28:16-20

Wow, that should clear some things up! It easy to see what Matthew was thinking when he was writing this Gospel.

Hopefully that helps you out :)

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