Saturday, November 29, 2014

Systematic Atheology: An Outline of Secular Thought

I am often annoyed when people complain that Christians are always “pushing” their beliefs on people, when they are so obliviously doing the same thing. It is probably because religious people in general like to think in categories and why organizing ones doctrine into a systematic theology for Christians is so appealing.

This is a little outline of atheist / secular materialist thought, showing it for what it really is - a religion with its own doctrines. Just because you don’t believe in God and don’t go to church does not mean you are not religious (see for a good outline of court cases endorsing atheism and secular humanism as religions see here at

  1. Theology Proper: Study of God
    1. Existence of God
      1. Atheism - There is no God
      2. Agnosticism - God cannot be known ie Effectually no God
      3. Man as God
        1. Scientism as the ultimate arbiter of truth
    2. Creation
      1. Evolution
        1. Cosmologic, chemical, and biological
      2. Materialism - Only the physical world exists
    3. Morality
      1. Relativism
      2. Autonomy as the highest form of morality
  2. Anthropology: Study of Man
    1. Man as a created process from evolution
    2. Distinctions between human life, beings,and persons
      1. Implication on abortion and euthansia
    3. Sexual norms - LGBT Normalization
      1. Unique definition of marriage to include homosexual unions
      2. Separation of gender and (genetic) sex
  3. Eschatology: Study of Last Things
    1. Green revolution
    2. Global warming
    3. Earth will ultimately be destroyed with the destruction of the sun
  4. Soteriology: Study of Salvation
    1. In education
    2. In the expression and allowance of individual freedom
  5. Ecclesiology: Study of the Church
    1. Anti-organized religion
    2. Separation of church and state
      1. Interpreted to mean no influence of church on state